Created in June 1993, the Howard Card Safety Award is given out each year to recognize an individual and his/her company for the commitment to safety or for contributing to a safer industry.

Please consider nominating an individual or company who deserves the award for commitment and/or contribution to safe acts over and above the normal expectations of safe practices employed in the workplace, or for contributing to a safer industry during his/her lifetime. The Howard Card Safety Award is presented in memory of Sgt. Howard Card, formerly of the New Jersey State Police, who had full responsibility for the regulatory oversight of the propane gas industry.

Click here for Nomination Form. Nomination forms are due by September 8, 2021.

Please note that it is not mandatory that the award be presented every year.  However, if an individual is selected for 2021, the award will be presented at the NJPGA Fall Meeting & Awards Dinner to be held on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, NJ.  On October 6 we also look forward to having the opportunity to congratulate our 2020 Howard Card Safety Award recipient, Brian McGuire of M-Tac Trucking, in person.

Following are the previous Howard Card Safety Award recipients:

2020 – Brian McGuire

2018 – Michael DiGiorigio

2017-  Dan Waters

2016 – J.D. Stem

2015 – Donald Green

2014 – Thomas A. Tarantin

2013 – Mark Brueche

2012 – Art Ogden

2011 – Robert B. Nicholson, III

2010 – Michael E. Baier

2010 – Theodore C. Lemoff

2009 – William M. Connolly

2008 – Thomas P. McIntyre
2008 – Stephen M. McIntyre

2007 – Michael G. Merrill

2006 – Thomas Leahy

2005 – Gerard C. Stocker

2004 – Larry Horowitz

2003 – William P. Curcio

2002 – Brian N. Clayton

2001 – Arthur Benjamin

2000 – John Hart

1999 – Melvin Schroeder

1998 – Joseph M. Cummings, Jr.

1997 – Harry C. Kehrer, Jr.

1996 – Robert B. Nicholson

1995 – Lt. Joseph E. Ballas

1994 – H. Emerson Thomas

1993 – Sgt. Howard Card