The New Jersey Propane Education & Research Foundation was formed in 1997 as part of the national Propane Education & Research Council. The mission of NJPERF is to provide marketing and educational assistance to retail propane marketers in the state of New Jersey.The Foundation is funded through the member retailers, who give five-tenths of each penny of each gallon sold. The Foundation awards member retailers grants throughout the year to conduct marketing and safety training and more. New Jersey retailers contribute annually to the national PERC, of which 20 percent was awarded to the NJPERF in grants throughout the year. Some of that funding went to the development of this web site. Check back often to see what exciting new things the NJPERF is doing to benefit the member retailers and consumers in New Jersey. Propane: The Exceptional Energy.

New Jersey Propane Education & Research Foundation (NJPERF) is a non-profit foundation, established by the New Jersey Propane Gas Association, with education, safety, and training as its prime objectives. It was formed as a result of the establishment of the National Propane Education and Research Council as the entity entitled to receive New Jersey State funds. Industry members are invited to submit their ideas to NJPGA Headquarters for potential programs related to these objectives.

Incorporated in 1999, the purposes of the Foundation are to establish and facilitate programs to enhance safety, training, research and development, and safety education in the propane gas industry for the benefit of propane consumers and the public, and for other lawful purposes.